PUBG: 7 advanced tips to raise your level!

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a highly competitive game in which the difference between victory and defeat is in the smallest detail. So even the most familiar player can benefit from some more advanced tips to get the most out of the game’s scenery and mechanics.

Check out 8 advanced PUBG tips below!

In PUBG, you should always reduce the chances of getting caught on your back. So being near the middle of the circle makes you vulnerable from all sides, including the side you came from. So a good strategy to avoid this is to stay on the edge of the circle as if you are “with your back to the wall,” so you only have to worry about what’s in front of you.

This rule, however, is not absolute and you should watch out for possible lagging opponents who are in the campering gas. Also, you should analyze the terrain and see if waiting for the ring to close will leave you exposed in the open.

Overall, sticking to the edge of the circle is a strategy that requires a patient and passive style of play but offers a lot of security without having to camper the whole match. The reasoning is as follows: Imagine a top 10 situation where the circle is already small. Running into his midst would only leave him exposed to the surrounding players. However, some exceptional situations related to terrain, airdrop or etc. could make the option more attractive. It is this mindset that you need to bring to the entire match.

2. Never open doors stopped

This tip sounds simple but it will make all the difference in your gameplay. In PUBG, most players open doors like there’s no chance of someone pointing a gun on the other side. Do not do it.

Whenever you need to open a door, run past or jump through it and press F. So when the door is open, you are not in the line of fire. Even if there is a player aiming at the door, chances are high that you will blast the shots and find out their exact location.

3. Jump from moving vehicles without taking damage

If you want to jump from moving vehicles without taking damage, just drive very close (almost touching) to any obstacle on the left of the car. So when you get out of the vehicle, your speed will be immediately canceled when you hit the obstacle and you are safe.

This method can be used with anything from trees and walls to other vehicles. However, use it only in the necessary situations and not to be badass . Generally, the necessary situation is when you are being targeted inside the vehicle and the best option is to fight. At that moment, jump out of the car and return the shots. The chances of your opponent continuing to shoot the empty car is very high.

The tactic is even more interesting in doubles or squads, when only part of the team jumps and another continues in the car, which can greatly confuse opponents.

4. Remove airdrop items even if you don’t want them

If you took the risk of dropping the plane and no items were useful, do not leave them in the box. Gamespotnet Pick them up anyway and then immediately switch to the previous items. This will cause you to empty the airdrop and leave the dropped items right behind the box.

That way, opponents who come to loot the box will only find items if they look around (which is unlikely, after all, nobody wants to be near the airdrop for a long time). Also, even if they see the guns on the floor, they will find that the box has already been looted and the equipment found is inferior.

5. Use doors to climb rooftops

There are several points on the maps, especially in Erangel, where you can use doors as “steps” to climb the roof of houses. This tactic gives you access to more unpredictable positions as well as opening up more movement options.

Having the option of climbing roofs has many benefits, including:

  • Depending on the height of the building, you can jump from one roof to another.
  • It confuses opponents who think you are on the top floor of the house.
  • You can use rooftops as escape or hideout routes when low on HP or lower weapons.
  • In Pochinki, Erangel, you have a privileged view of the surroundings, as well as allow fast movement through the houses.

6. Close the doors!

Another simple tip that many players still do not do: close the doors when leaving or entering buildings. It may seem little, but making your opponents waste their time entering crowded places makes all the difference. In addition, by closing the doors you can easily knock players into your building behind loots while you receive them with bullets.

7. Give preference to close range aim

Many players have questions about which sights to keep equipped, short or long range. Whenever you are out of combat, the crosshairs to be equipped are short range. Remember that the most dangerous is always the closest opponent. If you are shot from afar, you will probably have time to equip the correct aim.

Imagine this: you are running with your long-range rifle equipped and suddenly a close opponent appears. Either you will need to defeat him in hip fire (no aim) or you will need to change sights in the nick of time. Neither option is attractive. So always keep the close range prepared, because if a distant opponent appears, you may have time to change or even use the same scope to shoot him down.