Learn to choose the best type of barbecue for apartment

The secret of a perfect barbecue can be in the barbecue. Here’s how to choose the perfect option for you who live in an apartment.

In world cup times, games, family reunions, and friends, a barbecue is always considered the choice of the ideal menu. But what if the meeting place is an apartment, how?

For some time now it has not been necessary to live in a house or to have a big backyard to make a good barbecue, the market already has several options for those who have a small space.

Today our article will raise the best barbecue for those who live in apartments and you define the most suitable type for your space, come on?

Where to put? 
First of all you need to assess whether your barbecue will stay in an indoor environment, such as the kitchen, or if it is best left on the balcony if your apartment has that space.

This definition is essential for you to continue with the idea Eid Mubarak gif download because if you make a mistake in building a barbecue, it will be difficult to modify the whole project. After defining this item evaluate the types of grills for apartments available in the market and choose the one that is best, we will list some here.

Gas grill with bench 
This style is for the apartments that have a little more space because it is large. Although more modern and easy to install, it takes up a good space that will not be used forever, think about it. Despite this, it is ideal for those who want to avoid the dirt of a traditional barbecue, with bricks, charcoal and so on.

Built-in gas grill
The same principle as the gas barbecue with bench, with the advantage of avoiding dirt and easy installation. However, it is more suitable for those who have a smaller apartment. As it does not occupy much space, it is possible to combine with planned furniture.

Take care to properly measure both the equipment and your kitchen space (if space is chosen for it) before you cut the stone from your sink. The wrong measures can jeopardize the whole project, keep in mind that this type of barbecue has the format similar to a cooktop.

Gas options are considered to be more environmentally friendly and economical.

Rustic barbecue
Since the apartment is small, how about having a 2 in 1 barbecue? Yes, it is possible to have a barbecue that also serves as a fireplace on the coldest days of the year. Rustic and modern at the same time, this type of barbecue makes the environment even more welcoming.

Portable barbecue
If you think that living in a small apartment makes it impossible for you to have a barbecue or if your balcony is very small and does not hold the project, have a portable barbecue and end the problem.

Besides not needing to be in place all the time, some are detachable and may even serve as a decorative piece.

Charcoal Grill
Look, there is also a charcoal grill for an apartment. Although the electric and gas options are excellent alternatives, some say the taste is not the same as a good grilled barbecue.
In this case, there are models that are portable and safe at the same time. For those who do not have much space, the great villain can be the smoke and the fire inside the house. This model usually has a cover, option to control the two problems mentioned. Also, it is a good escape if you intend to leave the barbecue with that smoked taste.

Electric Barbecue
The electric barbecue is friendly to those who do not want to smoke indoors. Good Morning Quotes.  Also, it takes up very little space and does not even mention the ease of turning it on: just by plugging in and pressing a button.

Some models also have temperature control, speed and already comes with skewers included. All easy to clean and require little maintenance. Despite the practicality, it is seen as an option not so economical, since the cost of electricity is high.

Bbq grill
Despite producing little smoke and being suitable for small environments, it is best to use this model only on the balcony. Incidentally, you must remember this style of barbecue, is very common in American movies.

It works like a furnace, generating and maintaining heat, it also needs coal to run.

Masonry Barbecue
If your apartment is out of order and has a wider balcony, of course, if that is your option, why not use the traditional masonry barbecue?

Ideal for larger spaces, it needs more careful maintenance. It works on the basis of charcoal or firewood and allows barbecue preparation, pizzas and whatever else you find interesting.

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